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Current Residence: Canada, eh?
Favourite genre of music: Metal - Epic, Death, Black, ANY kind!
Favourite photographer: Upsilonexe =D
Favourite style of art: The really pretty, detailed stuff
Operating System: Mac OSX
MP3 player of choice: iTunes
Favourite cartoon character: Rampage, Grievous, Predator, Hellboy, Mumm Ra etc...
Personal Quote: "Things we find evil are usually lonely and lacking in social necessities." - Big Fish
I know I said I was drawing, but I've been hooked into a lot of totally real life stuff.  Nothing bad, in fact, something really good!

I'm freaking ENGAGED~!  Aaaaahhhh!

Yup.  Teh Scaley has gone done found her a mate to share with her world-ending desires and we're both totally excited.

It was on the Worlds of Warcrafts.  There he was.  A strapping, slightly decaying decrepid looking human Death Knight.  ...And there I was.. also.... a.. strapping.. slightly decaying decrepid looking.. DRAENEI.. Death Knight.   Four-ish years ago...  I blew off his face while roleplaying. We became friends and things escalated from there. :D

After the terrible Christmas I had a couple years ago, I did something freaking crazy.  This Long Distance relationship thing?  I said screw it.  I flew over there for a week despite protests of my family and it was the best idea I think I ever had. Ever.  We've been back and forth for the past year and we just finally said 'Why the hell don't we get married?' Sooo~  He proposed to me.  Well.  Actually.  What HAPPENED is we were playing (WoW) Monopoly with his mom and they were both totally losing hardcore and when he couldn't pay rent, he proposed.  It was adoreables.

Anyhow.  If anyone's curious, the wedding isn't for a couple years yet.  Thinking October 2014.  We both decided, at the behest of my uncle, to have a long engagement.  This February I'm going to be heading down south to Branson, Missouri and living down there more or less for the next year or so without a job. That's basically a year-long vacation, sirs and ladies.  That translates into drawing thing! Yee!

For now though, I'm a busy little beaver.  I've got a trip to teh Disneywerldsz in a few weeks.  Then I need to bust my balls working and saving money and getting ready to uproot my life a little bit. But it's the good kind of uprooting!  The really good kind!
  • Listening to: L. Boellmann - Toccata

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2fangsaj Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
you are grievousfan's first watcher :O
MisterJL Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012
Hey, so I was browsing around one day looking for rampage reference for a 3d model,
and stumbled on your 'save yourself' image. Loved it, loved the atmosphere, just thought it was great.
So suffice it to say, I drew heavy inspiration from your image, and wanted to pay my respects
to the artist who created such a sweet shot. I'll be posting a shot later if you would like to check it out.
scaleblade Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I was out of town. :)

Yeah, I'm really proud of that piece. It was a so much fun to make and was such a spur of the moment little thing that just.. well it just turned out really well for such a simple composition. I look forward to your work! Really! ..unless you posted it already and I didn't see it! Ohh.. better check.
Ra88 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Scarabus is out. Several variants, 30 bucks without shipping each.

Shinigami-Chiteki Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
My word we have a very similar style. Not the same type of subjects, for the most part, but techniques are pretty close. Needless to say, I like your stuff.

ben-hurr Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2010
Whoa where did you go? :<
Sketchfan Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2010
I'm curious,do you do requests?
WakeMusicAlarm Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
OOO where will you be going to school?
WakeMusicAlarm Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I mean, where ARE you going to school? (Just saw the date)
Trazura Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2010
Your gallery.

It is sex for the eyes.
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